Friday, October 30, 2009

Love the Jonah Dress!!

Hi, it's me again!! I just wanted to let you know how cute the Lilly Jonah dress is! I ordered it from Ocean Palm (LP store in VA beach) and it just came in the mail today. I still think getting packages in the mail is sooo fun especially when you were not expecting something. Anyways back to the Jonah, I should have just bought it right when it came out so it wouldn't "slip away" but everything ended up working out because I just a few days ago I saw that it was on sale at Ocean Palm in my size! The dress is perfect for every casual occasion and super comfy. I'm so glad I could get it before it was all sold out.


  1. I have this dress and I love it! It's super cute and so comfy!!

  2. Cute! I think you just convinced me to order it.