Monday, April 1, 2013

Straightener Review!

I had been looking for a straightener for quite a while, not because I really needed one but just because I've had mine for a long time and thought there was probably something better out there now. So it was perfect timing when Misikko asked me to test out one of their Hana flat irons. I was so excited when it arrived, everything was packaged so adorably and there was even a white and pink polka dot ribbon that I will for sure be using in my hair.  This was the first time I've used a Hana flat iron and it is honestly one of the best flat irons I've ever tried! After I got like 14 inches off my hair this past summer, my hair has gotten wayyy harder to straighten, I'm sure it is still easier than most, but still! The texture is way different too it is kinda wavy and a lot more full. Here are some before and after pics I snapped, keep in mind I did not blow dry my hair or anything so it is pretty rough to start out.
 Here is how my hair looks after taking a shower and letting it just air dry, it is pretty gross haha.
Here is my hair after letting it dry completely and then straightening it with the new Hana flat iron, it only took me ten minutes tops. It would probably be even more straight and less frizzy if I took the time to do each little section and pulled up the top layer to do the underneath layers. I really need a straightener that can do a good job in a very little time so this one was perfect, it has a wide range of heat settings which I really liked too. 

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