Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Essentials

Since summer officially started a little over 20 days ago after much thought I wanted to share with you my 8 keys to having a great summer.

1. Turbans- These are so perfect on days when you can get by just using dry shampoo instead of showering. The ones with any wire in them at all give me a headache, and ones that are too wrappy/ complicated to figure out how to put on I know I will not realistically wear so I usually stay away from those. I wear this one all the time, it is polyester so it looks silky and dressier than cotton ones. I'm super jelly because it is on sale for $3.99 now! Also like this one or this. I usually wear my hair down with some sea salt spray if it's wavy, straighten it if I am doing something/have time, or pseudo fish tail it when I wear a turban.
2. T-Shirt Dresses- T Shirt dresses are mine and apparently 2/5's of the population's summer uniform. I usually wear mine with Jacks. I don't know what it is about Brandy Meville, the one size, or maybe it is me really wanting to be 15 but I am addicted to the Luana Top (worn as a dress). This is the only item on my bday wish list.

3. Bento Boxes- This thing is single handedly responsible for actually getting me to pack my lunch (almost) everyday and being excited about it. I like to switch up putting yogurt, Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, olives, stuffed grape leaves, cheese cubes, hummus, pita, hard boiled egg, chocolate covered espresso beans, blueberries, or pepper slices in it. I got one that has 5 compartments, 2 being slightly larger and it has worked perfectly. This is the one I got it's from LunchBots. Also, I got the Bento Box from Nida's Sushi at North Market to check out my lunch box's namesake without having any idea what was in it and it was really good.

Partially Eaten
4. Tassel Jewelry- I am minimalist when it comes to jewelry and only like things that can be worn 24/7 but still think anything with a tassel is really fun for summer in addition to whatever you normally wear. You can find the bracelet shown below here. I've been wanting these earrings for a bit FYI.
5. Bernadette Shades- Do big sunglasses make anyone else feel like they are incognito? Big sunglasses are perfect for when you want to be able to stare at people without judgment and for when you want to feel invisible in a non weird way. I love these ones from ASOS.
Stacey Bendet

6. Temp Tatts- This is just a given. Temp tats make any outfit/mood/day way better. You can even get one when you get HCT. Tattly is still my favorite place to get them but you can get them pretty much anywhere now Target, Forever 21 etc.
Hot Dog
7. Movies that are so bad they're good. I cannot wait for Sharknado 3. Some other great bad movies are The Dogfather, Bug Off, and Primal. If you're in Columbus, OH Studio 35 has a Bad Movie Night. Classic summer.

8. Runsies. Lululemon came up with these great things that are essentially running rompers with a skirt over the shorts. I got the black one, my little has the white printed one. They are sooo comfortable and lightweight. The skirt has pockets and the shorts have pockets that aren't loose so you can keep a key while running in there. I need to find a thin back sport bra to go with it, because that is the one downside there isn't a built in bra and I don't like ones that are too big in the back.

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