Monday, February 15, 2010


Thanks a bunch to Sara from A Note on the Screen Door for giving me the Sunshine Award! You should go check out her blog, I love it! I am supposed to tag 12 more bloggers, but it is so hard to narrow it down to twelve and I have seen this one going around a lot so if you haven't gotten it yet consider yourself tagged! Instead, I'll tell you 12 things that make me super happy, like sunshine:
1.Making to do lists and then checking off the items, it makes me feel so organized and accomplished.
2. Children's artwork. I just love it like finger paintings and little drawings, I should be a preschool teacher.
3. Shopping, online or in a store or anywhere! I am actually giving up spending money on myself for Lent which starts in a few days, so it will be pretty tough but worth it in the long run.
4.Green tea. I just love this stuff! I only like it hot and with caffeine, it is super good for you too and has tons of anti-oxidants. My favorite brands are Yogi and Tazo.
5. Spending time with family and friends.
6. Blogging. Reading others blogs and receiving comments/emails from other bloggers.
7. Getting things in the mail. I love getting snail mail or packages!
8. Holidays, especially Christmas and Easter!
9. Pink and Green anything!
10. Skiing. I also love the clothes that go with it.
11. Anne of Green Gables. That movie just always makes me happy, I like to rewatch it at least once a year. The book series is really good too.
12. Polyvore. I love when you make an outfit that you actually have on it.


  1. Your 12 things are great! I love a list too:)

  2. I love green tea too, but I drink decaf. ; ) Love the anti-oxidants!

  3. Found you over at Friday Follow (yes, I know its Tuesday) LOL. Hope you visit my blog and follow at Thanks! :)

  4. Thanks for the kind words, & I loved learning a bit more about you from this post!