Wednesday, February 1, 2017

valentine's day gifts

valentine's day has been my 2nd favorite day of the year for as long as I can remember. I love the heart motifs, color combos, love, cards, cupcakes, etc. here are my gift picks for this year....

the best things are tiny and yellow gold. do your homework on shipping for these guys or if you are local one six five jewelry will be at cbus flea this weekend I think. 

I love wearing things that are kinda supposed to be pajamas out of the house.
may designs has some super cute v day notebooks

big believer that lace up flats elevate any outfit. also love the festive red

this stuff rocks

I've always wanted one of the holly golightly eye masks but this one is almost as cute

gotta love a good surprise ball

there is a cold shoulder version of the top I got and loved last year. the elbow patches are adorably festive

the end of this pencil is heart shaped, too cute! working post grad has made me have a new appreciation for desk accessories/ supplies. 

venessa arizaga stuff is so fun and captivating. this is on sale rn I ordered it yesterday

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