Tuesday, September 3, 2013

8 Miles.

Hey everyone! I am running a marathon in 2 months so until then I am going to use this as a place to track my long runs, so sorry it will probably be boring to read until then.
Today was the first day that I ran what I set out to run, so I was pretty proud of myself. It was much cooler outside than it had been lately (60ish) but I still wore Nike shorts and a running tank. I ran with my little running buddy Rob, I'm usually the one that wants to walk but today it was the other way around muahaha. I usually do not really talk at all because it stresses me out but today I chatted Rob up the whole first mile and I for that short time I could see how running could be an enjoyable activity for some people, I really think it was the weather change that had me in a good mood. My favorite part of the run was probably into mile 2 when Set Me as A Seal came on my playlist (listen below)
we were running on a trail so we were surrounded by trees and it was getting dark and it felt like we were in a cool little music video running side by side and singing the boy and girl parts to each other (lol I know I'm weird) thank goodness I didn't get emotional. And at the same time ironically, Rob was listening to some inappropriate rap song cause he would sing some of the lyrics to me (not full out sing I know you aren't supposed to be able to while running). Around mile 5 we passed a Starbucks so I popped in for water and afterwards felt a little dizzy but that was the only time I didn't feel well during the run. I usually detest running down High St but we ran down it for the 2nd half and I had fun because I would point out several places that had significance like, "Blue Danube, hotdogs!" Right now my toes hurt a little when I press them down and my knees feel a little odd but nothing bad. This probably seems weird but I really think it will help calm my nerves to see how I felt/ what I did/ be held accountable etc. until the big race which btw will be the last time I ever exercise! 


  1. GO SALLY! You are almost a real runner (your number one goal)! But really, I can't believe you can run to such a slow song without wanting to stop and take a nap. And next time you stop at Starbucks, if you're dizzy, try getting a drink with sugar or caffeine and see how that feels (you can keep money in a pocket or a shoe). Dehydration might not be the only problem during those longs runs, as we discussed earlier (eep!). Also, High St. isn't that bad because sometimes the bums give you high-fives.

  2. I was definitely the one who pointed out the Blue Danube...