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Regular Day Schedule - 2 Toddlers

There are few things I like reading more than schedules of moms in a similar state of life, even though most of them are pretty much the same. So here is mine. For semi-anonymity I am referring to my children by their ages, since they didn't ask to be on the internet 😉. I currently have a 1 year old (14 months ish) and 2 year old (34 months ish). 

Day in the Life

5 AM - This is when I aim to wake up each day. My husband also wakes up at the same time to workout. Depending on how many times the 1YO got up throughout the night sometimes this gets pushed, but the day goes significantly better when I do get up at this time.

I am currently doing the Meg Hunter Kilmer A Year in the Word Bible journal except I do not currently write in the journal (saving it for a future year). I like it a lot more than Bible in a Year because I can read everything and go back and re-read because I'm tired etc. Then I usually do some intercessory prayer and a morning offering. Then I do some online "work" / maybe read until someone wakes up. * 

*As with basically everything, this can get shortened if the 1YO wakes up, but he usually sleeps until 6:30 ish

6:30 AM - I wake up the 2YO, this involves waking up the 1YO too because he is in our bed so for safety reasons my husband or I need to be right near him so he doesn't fall off the bed. Ideally, just the 2YO would be woken at this time to get some 1:1 time with him and because he needs more awake time before his nap than the 1YO does. I wake him up by turning the light on in the hallway and then he says that he is awake if he is up. If he doesn't say this then I usually just open his door so we know right when he wakes up. He sleeps on a floor bed and we don't have stairs to worry about. We all hang out in his room for a bit until it is time to make breakfast

This was previously 7AM before DST. 

7AM - I start making breakfast. 90% of my time inside the 1YO follows me around wanting to be picked up, if he is like that when I need to make breakfast I put him in the high chair and he is usually happy with that. I normally make some variations of eggs, toast, sausage, and fruit (right now grapes). 

I clean up breakfast, the 2YO plays, I might be also holding the 1YO. 

We do morning prayer. This consists of going to our altar table in the family room, me lighting a candle if the 1YO is in his high chair still, if he isn't I've been using a fake one. We have been saying the opening prayer from this book, then I do a free-form morning offering, and intentions

8AM ish - Get everyone dressed for the day, brush teeth

If we go out of the house (spots we frequent are the library, grocery store, MOMs group, playground, daily Mass, Adoration, farm) then we aim to do that in the first "chunk" of the day. The 1YO takes two naps but the first nap is usually pretty "rough" so it is easier if he just takes a quick nap in the car or in the stroller or carrier when out and about. If we aren't going anywhere then he nurses to sleep then I put him down in his room. 

I pack a snack or everyone eats one before we leave depending on where we are going

11:30am - We eat lunch around this time every day. Popular lunch items are leftovers, cheese & crackers, sandwiches, mac & cheese, and always fruit iykyk. I occasionally make my husband's lunch for the next day at this time

12:30pm - I put the 2YO down for his nap. He gets tucked in then I pray, play the "I'm thinking about game", then lay with him for a bit while the 1YO crawls around. 

The 1YO is usually up for 3-4 hours ish at a time, depending on how short his 1st nap was he is usually ready to nurse to sleep shortly after the 2YO goes to bed. I do try and arrange the 1YO's nap so he is asleep at the same time as the 2YO. 

2:30pm /2:45pm ish- I usually wake up the 2YO around now so he can go to bed for the night at a reasonable time. This time was later before DST. He eats a snack after he wakes up and we play something together, usually I-Spy, cars, kinetic sand, or magnatiles

3:30pm - I make sure the 1YO is up around this time (he is normally already awake). We all play something together or sometimes take a walk 

I start making dinner when my husband gets home and we usually eat by 5:15 ish. 

I do laundry every day or every other day during the week and have an ongoing pile usually of clothes that need to be put away. I don't fold the kid's clothes to save time. That and dishes are the only chore-type things that regularly get done during the day due to 1YO mostly always wanting to be held.

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