Monday, August 24, 2015

What's Making Me Happy.

1.  The weather. This is cliche but 70 and mostly sunny with a breeze is my ultimate favorite temperature. I have been on top of it the past few days and have been consulting the forecast the evening before and planning my outfit, I usually write it in my planner on the lines that in the good old days woulda been taken up by homework assignments. This weather is great for reading outside/people watching and going on rounds in said pre planned outfit.

2. Bunnies like watermelon. The retirement home near our apartment has these adorable pet rabbits that they sometimes have in the front yard and today they were all munching on watermelon! So far Ezra's favorite fruits are apples and bananas but I can't wait to have him try watermelon.

3. Gone Girl. I know I am about 3 years late to this game but I started/finished Gone Girl this week. I could barely put it down, so if that is the definition of a good book then it is definitely good.

4. Platform Tevas. I so love these. My old tevas are faded/muddy from participating in lots of Teva perfect activities with me over the past 2 years.
5. New glasses. I had eye muscle surgery not this past Friday but the one before that and never will take semi okay vision for granted again! Another benefit this surgery has besides improving my double vision is that I get to buy new glasses. I ordered these from Warby Parker without trying them on in the interest of  wanting to be able to find my keys without feeling around like a blind person ASAP, so hopefully they look okay on me. 

6. My BFF introduced me to the song "Black Magic" by Little Mix and it has been on repeat for at least an hour every day since. The FIFA 2015 soundtrack is (fire emoji)  I also discovered this week. 


7. New York Times Modern Love Essays. I love reading these essay submissions. I read this one today and it brought up questions I often think about like, how do you know if something is a missed connection? if someone says that they think you have something "special" don't they probably say that to everyone? if they don't and you do not consider the interaction special is there something wrong with them or you or neither? If you divulge your head world thoughts to many people wouldn't you have several out of the ordinary interactions with people and not be able to recognize if something was truly a good connection because you've had so many similar experiences? 

8. Destination Donuts. These are my new favorite donuts (sry Buckeye Donuts and Resch's), They taste like delicious pillows. My favorite flavor so far is Butterscotch. They have them at North Market and One Line Coffee.

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