Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lilly Originals!!!

I loved the idea of the Lilly Originals collection as soon as I heard about it, and as always Lilly did not disappoint! Here is some Lilly eye candy to brighten your day:

First up is the Worth shift in "Classic White Not So Crabby". This is my hands down favorite of the Originals. I mean, just looking at it makes me happy! (that's why Lilly is great, you simply can't be upset in a Lilly dress!) I love how it is a classic shift and it is a real steal for only $178!

I believe this dress is part of the Resort 2009, I really love the colors but I am only 5'3 so I would probably be too short for it but it is pretty!
This is the Lara (I really love that name!) dress and I believe it is also part of the Resort line. I do not have any Lilly dresses that are similar to this one so I think it would be great to add to my collection! The rope adds a sweet nautical touch.

Wouldn't that dress be perfect for a Little Lilly? I love all the Mommy and Me looks! That little tote is cute too and there is also a bigger one. I hope you have a great Friday!

(pictures from Lilly Pulitzer and C. Orrico)


  1. Hello you lovely! Thank you firstly for my nomination and for becoming a follower. You've been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Congrats!
    Love your blog, so refreshing!
    Keep it up, xo

  2. I'm beyond excited for their new line! I love the originals. xoxo