Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tour of Target

I had heard that Target was doing this new bulk items, big sale thing, but never thought it would ever actually happen, well it did! There are tons of signs as soon as you walk in advertising it, and the actual new section took the place of the outdoorish area, which I always liked! Anyways, all of the things they have are totally random items in massive amounts. One of the workers said that the new "event" will end Feb. 21st unless it is a big success then it will become a permanent feature, which better not happen because honestly if I wanted to buy that kind of stuff I could just go to Costco and it gives Target a totally different, not good vibe.
Here is a glimpse of what to expect if you have not been to Target recently....

On a happier note, here are some cute items Target currently has to offer.......

Adorable little ottomans complete with underneath storage compartments. One of these would look cute in a young girl's room and they are a total steal, on sale for $32. Preppy washcloths, only $10.

Pink and green picture frames, each $4.99. One of these would look nice on my desk!

Really cute magnetic letters and little pencil holders could be found in the dollar section.

A bit early for St. Valentine's Day but heart shaped ice cubes are fun for any day! These were also in the dollar section.


  1. Cute finds! I love all of the dollar section items. I can't believe they are trying to go in the bulk direction. Do they really need more market share?!

  2. I love their v-day stuff. We had the Ed Hardy stuff at mine I mentally screamed and booked it. I do adore Target and frequent it way too much!

  3. I must go to Target now!!! After work...I am totally there!!


  4. No way--Target's going bulk? I'm gonna have to trot over and see that.

    And ha, we have the same radar. I look for pink and green stuff too :)

  5. I love the pink and green items you found! I just got some adorable things for Valentine's day this weekend. They had measuring cups and rolling pins that were too cute.

    As an aside, the warehouse thing is not what I want when I go to Target. I'm sorry that they decided to move in this direction.

  6. Love those picture frames! I have similar wash cloths from Pottery Barn... definitely going to have those out along with the bulk items!

  7. Yuck! Why would Target ever do that! I am not happy with that! I am with ya! If I wanted bulk items, I would go to Sams or Costco!

    On a happier note, I do love the finds you saw in there!

  8. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!! Cannot wait to get there and fill my buggy with all things pink and sweet!

    So glad that I found your blog! I'm a new yet now loyal follower. Thanks for all the giggles and wisdom!

  9. Okay....went to Target for the sole purpose of scoring some of the fab stuff you mentioned! Got it all except the darling magnetic letters! Thank you SO much for the tips!!!!

  10. i think the bulk area is tacky...