Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

The snow just keeps falling here in Columbus, tons of schools are out! We do not have nearly as much as D.C or those places though.
To keep warm, I sipped some yummy hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream. I also am finishing this very good book, "Weekends at Bellevue" by Dr. Julie Holland. I highly recommend it, Dr. Holland tells what it was like to work in the psych ER at Bellevue Hospital. Her stories are inspiring and also a bit humorous.
Another thing that is helping me get through this snowy winter is remembering that I will be in warm, sunny Palm Springs in less than two months! I cannot wait and I think some shopping is in order (new bathing suit and Jack Rogers perhaps?).

Have a great Tuesday and if you are snowed in, stay warm and relaxed!


  1. That hot chocolate looks delicious!
    May I recommend Bonanno sandals? They look just like Jack Rogers but are completely custom (color combos, monograms, details etc) and so comfy--love them!

    Stay warm!

  2. Hope you are staying warm! Love, love Jack Rogers. Tip: Target has some by Merona that are an exact replica and they don't have to be broken in!

  3. oh yum, homemade whipped cream?? jealous!

  4. I needed summer here like yesterday!! Another 15 inches on tap for us tonight through tomorrow :-( I need some sun!!


  5. That hot chocolate looks like it is to dieeeee for. I've had this thing for McDonald's hot chocolate lately. Have you tried it? I'm sure your hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream is much better! (That's impressive, by the way.)

  6. Do enjoy your hot choc! Looks delicious ....
    Have a wonderful wednesday.

  7. LOVE my Jack Rogers. I don't care if Bonanno or Target are copying Jack Rogers, I want the real thing. Everyone knows Bonanno's aren't made to last as long. I just discovered that Jack Rogers launched a new website. www.jackrogersusa.com. I'm so happy bc I can wear my Jack's year round. I bought a pair of their new ballet flats and they are so comfortable and cute! What a great find. I have to say, I cannot wait for the warm weather too. Hope you are staying warm.

  8. Bailey, thanks for the heads up about Jack Rogers new website. I had no idea. Their new shoes are soooooo cute. I can't decide if I want to buy another pair of Navajo sandals or venture out and try their adorable ballet flats.

  9. Oh, BRRR. I left you some sunshine on my blog! =)

  10. I am dreaming of a nice warm beach about now!

    Cute blog!

    New follower. Come by and follow back if you would like. Happy Valentines Day! oxoxox Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog