Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts

With Valentine's Day soon approaching I decided to share with you some of my favorite gifts for the holiday.....
Heart Sandals by Tory Burch
Gotta love all things Tory Burch! I cannot wait until Spring so I can finally wear sandals.
Heart Make a Wish Necklace from Dogeared Jewelry
European Shop Guide from Calypso St. Barth
I totally love everything from Calypso and little books like this.

Heart Bowls from Williams-Sonoma
I love heart shaped sandwich cutters too!

Pass the Shades Scarf from Kate Spade
Romantic Fortune Cookies from Dylan's Candy Bar

I like fortune cookies for the fun fortunes not so much the taste, but I thought these ones were especially cute!
Tory Burch Cosmetic Case
Have a lovely Friday and weekend!
BTW currently Columbus has a bunch of snow on the ground and freezing rain is supposed to be coming, I am soooo done with winter.


  1. i love valentines day! the sandal is so cute. :)

  2. haha so much more fun to look @ cute sandals when it's NOT snowing, altho @ least they remind you of warmer days!

  3. Lovely gift ideas! Stay warm and safe- spring is right around the corner- hang in there!

  4. What fun things to receive on Valentine's Day!

  5. Love your selections! I am seriously coveting the TB pj's in that same print! :-) XOXO

    p.s. spring is here soon - like 40 days? Hang in!

  6. Adorable finds....thank you for your comment...we'll have to support one another...I can tell you like shopping as much as I do:)

  7. I have these sandals in pink! I LOVE them! I definitely want some of those fortune cookies! How adorable!

  8. PLease be mine Tory Burch heart sandals! I am dying for the red ones!