Monday, May 3, 2010


Happy May! I am sorry for being so MIA lately, this month I am making a resolution to be a better blogger! Today is the first day in what seems like weeks that my nose was not stuffy, does anyone else have bad allergies this time of year?

I am so excited for Lisa Birnbach's new book to come out, I pre-ordered it recently. Even though TOPH, was not from my time I still love looking at it, and cannot wait to read this newer version.

Another book that I want to read is my favorite political columnist, S.E Cupp's new book. It just came out April 27th. I think S.E is so cute and is a great role model to young women, as she is very intelligent as well as stylish!

Also, when I was very little (around 2) I couldn't pronounce Sally so my mother said I created the nickname SE (like Essie but w/ a lisp!) for myself, so we are kind of name twins!


  1. Can't wait for True Prep!

  2. Pre-ordered my copy months ago!

  3. Hi Fellow PINK lover,
    OMG!!I just found your blog and LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!!
    I will be back for more loveliness!! If you get a chance stop by and say hi!!
    Have a wonderful pink day :)

  4. Oh wow-- a "Preppy" sequel from Lisa Birnbach? I'm way too exicted!

  5. love your blog it is always lighthearted and brings a smile to my face!

  6. Just read an exerpt from S.E. Cupp's book. It is a very good read and she raises some very true points on our Chrisian values being trampled by the liberal media. Although she admits to being an atheist she is the perfect unbiased person to point out that our values must be upheld and not torn down. Thanks for sharing - never have seen her before.