Monday, January 10, 2011

Yoga Time!

Last week, I went to two yoga classes at my school rec center and fell absolutely in love! I am not very motivated to work out on my own in the winter, so yoga classes are a great addition to my routine. Plus they will give me an excuse to buy some of these super cute clothes and accessories....

These also have a great zippered pocket in the back.


  1. I think I might have to start yoga too! Always have been fascinated, these lovely accessories make me want to start!

  2. I just tried yoga last semester and thought I'd hate it, but I actually loved it and am taking more classes this semester!

  3. I love yoga! & I love my Lilly water bottle & foldover pants, too! ;)

  4. This is on my list for the year. We have a center near us that offers classes on Sat morning ~ perfect time for me.

    Was the first class difficult?


  5. Love those ruffle pants! I'm a big fan of So Low yoga pants and Hard Tail--I wore them all the time in college and have recently dug them out of storage for the gym!