Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Book!

      If you have not already read this book you absolutely must! It is my new all time favorite book and is SO good, as in if you only read one book in your entire life it needs to be this one good. My dad became obsessed with it last year and talks about it to everyone. I read it over the summer and am so glad I did. They're also making a movie about it that comes out in a year or so. Let me know if you read it so we can talk about it!


  1. LOVE that book. It such an amazing story and is easily my favorite book ever. I recommend it to everyone, even if they don't ask :)

  2. Sally, I cannot believe you are STILL going on about this book! Good thing it's on my Kindle and waiting to be read. I hope I'm not disappointed, since you're putting it on the highest pedestal ever! Anyway, I'm glad you're blogging again!