Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wish List

I am currently procrastinating ( I hate that word btw, it's totally overused and I'm embarrassed using it) and am only half way done with a history paper that is due tomorrow that I of course just started tonight! Well I started thinking about it yesterday technically, anyways I wanted to make a little list of what I currently want/ need and what better time than when I should be doing a paper!

First up...
Bean Boots
I have been wanting these for quite some time but just never really got around to getting them. I still can't decide which color combo to get or whether I want the taller or the shorter ones. In the winter I pretty much live in uggs (ew I know but they are sooo warm and easy to slip on), riding boots, hunter wellies, or revas. With the exception of the riding boots all are very easy to slip on and none of them require tying. I literally hate tying shoes and shoes with laces and never wear shoes/ buy shoes with laces because I know I will never wear them. I hope this is not the case with the bean boots!

Shopping for jeans is such a chore. I've been putting it off for a really long time but really can't anymore because I only have one pair that I am very satisfied with (fit, color etc.). I usually like to find a pair at TJ that I really like and then just get them altered but one does not always have the time to make multiple TJ runway trips until you find the perfect jeans. I like them to be skinnyish on the bottom, not low, not too light, and not have weird pockets or anything, and obviously to fit perfectly! The above Hudson's look like they would meet my criteria. 

A high low dress (aka mullet dress)
The above dress is from forever 21 and I don't particularly like it but I am really mad I never got to try out this trend and am still on the look out for a cute high low dress. 

I also reallllllly need a new large, monogrammed, tote bag to replace the one I have used for everything the past 7 years. I really did use it for everything, carry on bag, field hockey, millions of books etc. It was from pbteen and it really was perfect and lasted me a wonderful 7 years until one of the handles is starting to rip off. A lovely girl at work offered to sew it for me and I think I will take her up on it but am still looking for a replacement as 7 years is an awfully long time and it is starting to show age. Suggestions are welcome. It needs to be sturdy, monogrammed, and big!

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  1. Check out LLBean's Boat and Totes! They are VERY sturdy and they have lots of sizes and colors to choose from!