Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 miles.

I was scheduled to run 10 miles on the 8th. I made sure I was well rested the night before, I got 8 hours and 27 minutes, 90% on my sleep app to be exact. I got up at 7 that morning and ate a fried egg. I planned to run from campus to my home home which is 8.2ish miles away so I would just run 2 extra miles around my neighborhood. My left knee started hurting about 5 minutes in about the same time that I started looking for places to get a drink, which is not a good sign! I walked to the sketch Kroger to get a drink of water, when I started running again my knee stopped hurting. I tried to get into a nice running grove but it wasn't working I kept stopping to walk. After about 5.5 miles of run/ walk I called my mom asking if she could pick me up on Broad St. because I couldn't make it back to our house. I could tell right away I wasn't feeling the run and after walking so much I decided it would be better to just stop and have my mom pick me up so I would get home sooner and then I could attempt to run the full 10 later.

I was so upset with myself for not having a good run. Maybe it was because I was running by myself or it being so early in the morning or my legs feeling very heavy and tired. Anyways, at 7:30 I attempted 10 miles part 2 with my friend who is training for the half. This run felt exponentially different from the first run. We did over 6 miles with stopping to walk only a little, and I did not feel like I "needed" to stop at all. By the end of the run I was exhausted, probably because it was my 2nd of the day and the tops of my feet really hurt and I later saw that I had a gross blood blister type thing on one of my toes. I need to figure out how to enjoy running by myself and to get into a good running rhythm, not one where I was to stop every second just because. I was okay with my progress for the day because with my 2 runs combined I ran over 10 miles (I hope that kind of counts).

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  1. I love how you called your mom haha.