Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marathon Recap.

This is way late, the marathon I ran was Oct. 20th but since I blogged about my 2 training runs I wanted to come full  circle and capture how the rest of my "training" and actual race went.

12 miles- Running buddies and I drove to Riverside Dr to run along that except I did not research enough because the part that we went to was some type of boat dock and the whole trail was probably only 6 miles total so it was slightly annoying having to run back and forth to reach 12. The weather was really nice in the 60s. I had black cherry shot bloks whenever I felt like it and ran with my fuel belt which holds 16 oz. of water. I felt good until the last mile when I was just over the run but played Avril Lavigne's "What the Hell" on repeat to finish it out. Rob and Rachel (the running buddies) went to get me Gatorade across the street after they were done with their runs and I had that immediately after running which I probably should not have done because I usually only drink water. I was too tired to eat much after running and waited like 3 hours to eat a whole meal which could explain why I felt extremely light headed and nauseous and just really weird after the run. Oh, this was also the first run in my new running shoes!! I was a little nervous about them because I wore Nike's with basically no support forever but the change was good, my feet did not have any problems.

20 miles- I ran 14 the week before I ran 20, I didn't make notes on how the run went but I think it went alright. I really wanted to hit 20 before I did the marathon so I would be confident that I wouldn't die. I started it like I did my other long runs, woke up at 4:45, ate 3 eggs and had half a Noss for breakfast. Went running with Rob at 5:30, we went to Beekman Park and ran around that loop a few times. The stars were sooooo pretty and clear! I remember I could totally see the Little (or Big idk!) Dipper! Then we ran to Rachel's and I ran 12 miles with her. We ran down Neil to the Scioto Mile then back to campus down High St. and then down the Olentangy Trail a little bit and then back to Woodruff and High. I met Rob there and ran my final 1.7ish miles with him to get to 20. My knees and above my ankles really hurt at this point but as long as I wasn't stopped I was okay. I felt really good when I was finally done, probably the best I ever have after running because I really did not think I would be able to run 20 miles! I had a mocha Cliff Shot at mile 11 and I had a pack of fruit snacks in my fuel belt that I snacked on. I think I ran 20 miles on Sept 27th  and I didn't really think about training again after it because mentally I thought if I just hit 20 I would be "good to go".

Marathon Day- Tips if I ever do one again (probably not) are
1. Actually follow a training plan.
2. Wear new contacts.
3. Wear really warm "throw aways".
4. Do what works aka wear the same socks I had done my long runs in.

Picture proof that I did it! 
Running buddies, me, fellow blogger Han!

I will include this because I always love new running music. Fun fact, leading up to the marathon I was OCD about only listening to music while running because I was afraid if I listened to it other times it would lose it's affect. 
Favorite Running Songs
-'I am Woman' SATC 2 movie version
-'Let Me Take You Out' Bryan J. featuring Travis Porter
-'Sally Is A...' Shwayze
-'Charmed Life' Leigh Nash
-'Heaven's Before Me' Marian Grace
-'Dog Days Are Over' Florence + The Machine

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