Sunday, December 1, 2013

Girl Gift Guide

Here is a Gift Guide for your mom, BFF, sister, girlfriend, roomie, boss, and it also resembles my Christmas list.

I got the OSU map bracelet (because I always wear the same necklace) for my birthday and it was one of my favorite gifts ever! They map necklaces for marathons now too so I may need another one. This company is awesome to work with and will do custom maps if you have a specific address that you want or want different streets for the college than their standard option. I love gifts that have memories attached and this is def one of those 

You can plug your devices into this and see how much energy they are actually using and what it is costing you. 

Love this little ring and it is super cheap, it would be a perfect fluff gift or gift with fluff gifts. 

Insanely soft. See also this
Great holiday necklace! 

(Mugshot of me)

Golden Monogram Mug
Anthro's initial mugs make the perfect gift! This one is a limited edition gold and I love love love anything metallic gold so I freaked out when I saw these. Goes great with this nail polish. They cannot go in the microwave or dishwasher unlike the classic black. 

Perfect little desk friend that is currently on sale!

Christmas jammies are a must. I've also been wanting to try out these socks that are supposed to be the comfiest. 

I am obsessed with stickers and fake tattoos. Printsagram lets you login to your Instagram and turn pictures of you and your friends into stickers among other things. 

This one is from Etsy and looks very similar to the original! Perfect for an Audrey Hepburn lover. 
Happy December!
BTW Amazon has a great feature that allows you to compile a wishlist in the same spot with items from any website. 

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  1. Great list just a little unsure as to what a fluff gift is? Thanks love the blog!!