Monday, April 21, 2014

"Out, Out Brief Candle.."

Today is my very last day of classes quite possibly forever so I thought it was fitting to make a list of the top 12 things I will miss about Ohio State...

1. The food. I could go on forever about how Ohio State has the perfect combo of all the best foods. I never got sick of campus food as a freshman and I could live off the food on High St. and be supremely happy. You have random food trucks, Chipotle, Canes, Currito, Pita Pit, Burger Works, Cuzzins, Pizza by the Slice, Buckeye Donuts, Apollo's and Pj's all within walking distance! After graduation I for sure plan on visiting all of my favorite food spots.
2. Solitude. I love how in the middle of the day when campus is full of people you can still find a little spot when you are by yourself and sit and read or just think or journal. My favorite spots are on the benches near mirror lake, bench behind my old dorm, or steps on the architecture building.
3. Lack of social norms. You see tons of weird things all of the time at Ohio State. I love this because somewhere where everyone dressed, acted very similar I probably would't feel as comfortable taking off my shoes walking home from class if my feet are dying to touch the ground, sitting down basically anywhere in between classes to get some sun, carrying mugs to class etc.
4. Finals week. I love love love finals week. I love how competitive it is to get a prime library spot, I love how everyone is in the same boat and you can see people's weird study behaviors come out. I love camping out all day in the library and bringing tons of food, blankets, and whatever else I think I will need. I love going to the library with my roommates and taking study breaks. Love drinking so much coffee that you need your teeth whitened. I also love looking for alternative study spots when you're bored of the usual ones. It is also cool to think about how you are surrounded by so many smart people who really care about their grades.
5. Running into people. I love how you can run into basically anyone on campus. I've seen people I had no idea they went here, my boss's daughter, a girl from my neighborhood I hadn't seen since 6th grade, people's parents etc. It can also be bad when you run into that one person you hope you never see again, but the suspense is still fun!
6. People watching. I love just when you are walking to class or in the library how you are surrounded by people. I love thinking about their lives, what their story is etc.
7. The COTA bus. A ton of people disagree with me but I personally LOVE the COTA bus and will miss it tons after I graduate because I probably will never ride it again. I love how you can just swipe your buckid and hop on. I like being sustainable and am always too lazy to walk back to my car after class so it has been so perfect being able to hop on the COTA and go to work. There are so many interesting people and I have had many memorable conversations, held babies, and even got to ride with my old high school English teacher!
8. The gyms. I will for sure regret not using the RPAC more but I really do not have the time/ never really worked it into my schedule. I loved going to the JO in groups freshman year, group fitness classes mainly yoga, rock climbing, and playing basketball.
9. Game days. I was not really into OSU football at all before college (don't get mad!) and still have no clue what is going on a lot of the time and it is hard for me and my double vision to focus on the players etc but there is definitely something to be said for Ohio State on a game day. There really is nothing else like it. I love dressing up, temporary tattoos, the energy, caffeine so I am not dead if it is a night game, tailgates, hot dogs, really everything. An aside- I may be narcoleptic because I fell asleep in the middle of the OSU vs Mich. State game and I was in the middle of all students who were obviously standing up and cheering crazy loud.
10. Ethyl and Tank. I realize I will be able to come here after I graduate but when you are busy all day with a real job I just don't see myself really going much. The coffee is prime, the workers are all super friendly, the bison burgers, happy hour from 3-9, and the waffle fries are awesome. I also feel like I bring up Ethyl within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone.
11. The oval. I realize pretty much all campuses have a large grassy place where students gather but I still like to think that the oval is special. I love the random free stuff, laying out when it is warm, how you really do feel like you are on a beach when it is a perfect day and you're there with your friends and there is usually music. Oooh and I am obviously obsessed with all of the dogs and normally talk to them and pet them if they are cute.

12. My roommates. This last one really doesn't go with the rest of my list at all because if it weren't for these kindred spirits nothing else on my list would matter at all. Graduating really isn't scary or depressing but the idea of not living in a tiny apartment with my best friends again is extremely scary and depressing. These girls are the reason I am emotionally attached to Ohio State because it gave me the gift of them and without Ohio State there wouldn't be an us! We would have fun in the BMV and have tons of uncontrollable belly laughs I love them to pieces. 

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  1. OMG I have never read a listicle that made me miss college so much! CHERISH YOUR LAST DAYS AS AN UNDERGRAD!