Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day

I've compiled a list of ideas just in case someone (my mom) needs any suggestions of what to get me for my second favorite holiday (just because I feel obligated for Easter to be my 1st). My love for Valentine's Day started in kindergarten when we played cake bingo and is still going strong today. I have to restrain myself by shielding my eyes whenever I walk into Target or else I will buy literally everything heart shaped, pink, red, or seasonal.

1. Sparkly Heart Temp Tatt
 All of my most monumental days have involved temp tats i.e.. the last 2 Halloweens, my roomies and I's last night out together junior year, my birthday, our 4 place Memorial day brunch search, and Red, White, and Boom 2014. This one is sparkly and heart shaped, all of my faves.

2. Kiss Me Studs

These are like conversation hearts for your ears. Anything that is yellow gold with words from Kate Spade, I love.

3. Tulle Skirt

Total princess skirt. Would probably pair with a wife beater or Converse. Also, I would probably only wear this to bars or on coffee runs to Yeah, Me Too.

4. Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

I like the Cherry and Passion tints best. This stuff is really awesome though. None of the colors are too much. I'm always afraid of looking weird like I'm trying too hard but these are just a perfect wee bit of color, like you could even pretend like you didn't know it made your lips a different color at all. I always get lots of compliments. Am I the only one who thinks lipstick stains on coffee mugs are super chic? These also have spf in them, I totally freak out and just imagine my lips shriveling up when I wear anything without it.

5.  Eye Mask
I've actually never slept with an eye mask so not sure how that would work out. I loved the ones in Breakfast at Tiffany's and in Eloise.

6. Jammies
I love anything in the iconic VS stripe print. You can't have too many cute mugs or pajamas (well those are at least my two can't have enough ofs).

7. Pen Set
Desk accessories are even more fun with cute phrases. Fun fact, one of my bffs favorite words as a child was "supplies".

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