Sunday, October 4, 2015

What's Making Me Happy

Here's what's making me happy this week....

1. Terrariums. I was pretty into these little guys last year and ordered one from Etsy (similar one) but got re- interested in them this week. I have one that sits on my desk, that is similar to this one except it is smaller and square with the hole at the top. They make the best desk friends. It is easy to make your own if you just get rocks, activated carbon (you can just break open a Brita filter and use those black little pieces), sand, soil, and then your choice of moss and succulents and little figurines and then layer those in a glass jar.

2. Candy corn mixed with peanuts. THIS. IS. SO. GOOD. and also super good for you!

Photo from rando blog

3. Everyone loving on the Pope. Even though I didn't go see him and suffered from Pope FOMO, it was exciting having Pope Francis in the U.S. but I liked everyone talking about him even more than him being here if that makes sense. Here is one of the Pope's speeches from Philly.

Pope Francis' trip through the United States was warmly received by untold millions across the globe. -slide0
Getty Images (probs a meme)

4. Reunions. This weekend was my high school class's 5 year reunion. It feels like it's been more than 5 years since high school to me. I normally try to not count down to the weekend because then the week isn't very fun but being around high school peeps lived up to the hype I built up in my head. Next weekend is OSU's homecoming and some girls from my sorority are staying with me so it will be like a slumber party. HCT, not running a marathon, temp tatts, cold brew, and Bullwinkle's are on the agenda.


6. This blog.

7. Essie's Fall 2015 Collection. My specific favorite is Leggy Legend.
8. Not showering. Something abnormal happened to my hair this week and I had to wash it significantly less than normal (specific # not mentioned for privacy reasons) so of course I took this as a shower free pass because anyone who has been around me for more than a few hours knows that I detest showering. (because I mention it not because I smell wanted to clarify)

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