Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gift Guide

For your 20 something daughter/sister/GF (aka me mama)

This is one of those things that you'd probably couldn't justify buying for yourself and that is why it makes the perfect gift.

These would have to be for someone you are close enough to so that you know they would wear Tevas and that you know their shoe size.

These would make drinking something like water more fun and would slow you down drinking something like juice if you don't want to drink that quickly. You can pick up to 6 letters on the above straw or 7 for this one. Do crazy straws remind anyone else of the chicken pox Arthur episode?

These ones are cute too. If you want festive gold ones, I like these Kate Spade ones. The reversible thing is clever and they don't remind me of gauges. If you like to Mix and Match Urban has a set for that.

Christmas is a great time to get super soft, wear all year pajamas. I think that shorts with a long sleeve top is the perfect jammie combo.

This color is super in and a beret is an easy way to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Hats make great gifts due to the whole one size fits all thing. The pom pom will add whimsy to the most adult outfit.

Cozy things make great gifts.
Similar to the above scarf from Madewell but a bit more versatile so you can put it on your head or use it as a blanket if you want to bundle up.
These are super soft, grey goes with anything, and joggers are great for winter uniforms.

Great gift if you know a tree lover.

Also love this CB2 Dinosaur one. These DIY terrariums remind me of the grown up version of those Klutz craft books.

Uniqlo currently has these on sale for $49.50. Oversized ones are great for winter lounging.
Adult coloring books are a thing now and I am glad because that means I have more options to choose from besides Disney. This one looks cool and so does this one.
I love this thing. There is a page for each calendar date with 5 little sections to write on so you can see what you did on that day 5 years ago.
Socks and mugs are two of those things that you can't of too many of. Here and here are some other faves.

I've never owned a flask but would totally buy this one.

If the person you are buying a gift for likes coffee or pizza or cats you will have lots of t-shirt options. The oversized/off shoulder fit of this one makes it stand out.

The above one is $22.90 so total steal, I'm mad I didn't get this for myself earlier, it would've been perfect to wear for No Color November.
This also comes in a really pretty green. I am 5'2 so it isn't obscenely short on me. Another option is this dress, there is less of a contrasts between the two colors IRL. It is mega soft and comfortable.

This would be the best pop of color to an all black outfit. Just looking at this color makes me happy. similar to the shade of red that is on the top of the Holiday Starbs cups.

One time this lady said how she was going to write 50,000 words about this specific unicorn on her skirt, I would consider doing that about one of these little guys.

Faux fur blankets remind me of one of my roommates. Restoration Hardware has the softest ones that I have come across so far.

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