Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What's Making Me Happy.

1. The Revenant. GAH. I saw this movie Sunday and I am so obsessed. I was extremely tired before seeing it and had 0 expectations. The only things I knew going in were that it had Leo and a bear in it. It is essential that this movie is seen in a theater, I was literally on the edge of my seat for parts. Cannot recommend enough. I will be spending my week walking around in the cold/ dragging my body around my apartment. By far the most engrossing movie I have ever seen. (lol ok you probably get it now)

2. Ballet Slippers. Oftentimes at work I like to do things that are really bad for my circulation such as sit cross legged on my chair, have one leg bent and one knee up on my chair, kneel sitting down on my legs on my chair, or set my feet on the legs of my chair. All of these things are much easier to do while wearing ballet slippers and this is doesn't gross other people out as much as wearing just socks might IMO. It also makes me happier to not have my feet confined to boots #freefeet .

3. Master of None. I haven't read Aziz Ansari's book or seen any of his stand up and I don't intend to but this show is the first show I have watched on my own since Gossip Girl a couple of years ago. It reminded me, in a realistic way of how fun it is to get to know another person.

4. Congratulations, By the Way. You can read this book in about 10 minutes or you can listen to the speech here:

It was a great/ needed reminder on how important kindness is. I prefer this read so you can look back on parts and just think about it but if you are on the computer I know how it can be easier to just listen to stuff.

5. Cafe Apropos. New go to place to "study" aka read online periodicals, read book club books, shop online, and listen in on Tinder dates happening around me. The food, beer selection, coffee, TV show viewing capabilities, cozy chairs, and seating variety are all up to par.

6. Animal Pics. My roomie and I went to Sunrise Sanctuary the other day to visit with some animals and looking at the pics is still making me smile/ think good thoughts.

7. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. One of my roommates and I went shopping for 8 hours on Saturday. It was a productive yet strenuous trip. I went home with these guys and am really glad I did because they are my new go to (yes even with the sub zero temperatures). The fit is super relaxed and I love the rips. They are comfy enough to sleep in (tested last weekend).

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  1. Hi Sally, I love your blog! I saw that Leo movie too, was depressed the entire next day! That bear scene! Can't wait to see more of your post as I'm now following, please follow me too! Glitzaliciousgifts.blogspot.co.uk