Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to School Agendas

The time has come to get a new 17 month agenda. The amount of pressure to get a cute planner is pretty equally matched with the amount of adorable options available. I am not as picky as some people with my agenda organization habits as long as there is no spiral, month pages, and week pages that have each day with enough space to write to- do lists then I am good to go. An agenda is a pretty large commitment since you use it every day almost all day for a whole year. I'm toying with the idea of getting one for work and one for everything else. I loveee the look of supplies and the feel of writing things down, especially with the pencils I picked up on my last NYC trip from CW Pencil Enterprise.  

Here are the agendas I am eyeing up this year in no particular order....

ban.do does a perfect job of being fun incarnate, I am obsessed with all of the quirky details in their products. I like the elastic band on this one because of the pop of metallic and because I always throw everything into a tote bag and if notebooks have spirals they get messed up. One of the best parts of this planner are the stickers that it comes with (could only be better if they were temp tats). 
Sugar Paper for Target has to consistently be my favorite line for Target. The colors, lines, fonts, and textures are just perfect. This is a good option if you want something that isn't too bulky or large. You cannot see from this image but the pages have gold on the sides too. Last year I got this one, since I didn't have to worry about teaching or PSR the super small size forced me to be concise and more purposeful in everything that I wrote. It's checkbook size and if you are going to use two different planners it looks really cute next to the grey stripe one.

Love the scattered supplies, especially the glasses and pencils. This one has little check boxes for you to check off things as you do them next to the lines on each of the day pages. 

I love May Designs because you can customize them by adding your favorite quote or monogram and pick the pattern. They updated their agenda design so they now include monthly and weekly pages. There's also pages that have spaces for fitness goals, travel spots you want to go to etc. These have a soft cover so they are really easy to carry.

Slender with a metallic leather cover this is easy to carry and will be easy to find in your purse. 

Tusk in Sun is my favorite Lilly agenda print. Comes with fun stickers. Lilly is doing free shipping on all orders right now so it's a perfect time to order. Agenda shopping is making me really sad I am not getting ready for school.

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