Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

I had a 3 day weekend because my birthday was yesterday and I had the day off from work. Yesterday was the only day I can remember where it wasn't a holiday and I was in Columbus and I didn't have an eye dr. appointment that I didn't have to work and it was AWESOME. I would be so for the 4 ten hour day work week thing, at least every other week or something. Here are my favorite things from this weekend:

1. Riding in the car. I am obsessed with riding in the car when all I have to do is be along for the ride (aka not be a copilot and definitely not drive). I got to ride to Cleveland with my roomie & 2 brothers while my dad drove.

2. Quality time with bffs. In high school and grade school you normally spend lots of time with friends families but not so much in college and after because of the whole distance thing. This weekend I got to go to Cleveland for a family wedding for one of my bff's. I so loved every second, it was the best kind of fun.
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3. Introducing my mom to Fox in the Snow. My mom got to experience the cinnamon rolls, lattes, and egg sandwiches that are some of my favorite things. She said she is going to start hanging out there during the week lol.

4. Bei Bei turned one. My favorite panda also happens to be my birthday twin. He had a Popsicle cake that his mom enjoyed more than he did.
Bei Bei's Mom eating cake
5. Got my nails painted this seafoam/ mintish green color. They're gel so the color is just a boring number not a fun name. 

6. My Kalijumei lipstick came in the mail. TBH I still haven't tried this because I am afraid to ruin it.
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Bonding with Bei Bei over makeup & treats
7. New ring. I got this Marnie Ring from Kendra Scott because everything was half off if your birthday was in August. I like wearing rings because it's fun to look down at my fingers while typing at work. I wanted a replacement for this band ring from Madewell because it got really discolored from me wearing it all the time.
8. 10 hour loop of Closer by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey. There is a 10 hour loop version of this song on youtube and I was listening to it all day Friday. Still can't get enough, 

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