Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ohio Gameday Musts

Hiiiiii. Quick life update- last weekend I went to DC for a blogger get together with blogger, Haney Bee jk I was there to see Bei Bei and Han and Hannah. Living the Han life was a real treat. Last month we moved into a tiny house (not a real tiny house unfortunately) and I LOVEE it! It's in the total perfect location and I am actually enjoying things like steaming my sweater before work and making sure Ezra has play time almost every day.

 Lastly, after becoming obsessed with Stranger Things I started watching Parenthood (from season 1) on Netflix because it was recommended or something and I thought I recalled hearing a thing on it on Fresh Air but after watching I think that was about a different show, but I LOVE it I am totally into all of the characters lives and have been watching every night. It's kind of odd for me because I haven't wanted to watch a show in it's entirety since I did it with Gossip Girl 3 summers ago and it isn't really a binge watch type show. 

The girl that makes these seems  adorable from reading her blog. I really like the  fit of the tees, they do fit snug but it isn't weird snug or unflattering/ clingy snug it was perfect snug on me when I got one size up from my normal t-shirt size. 

This is my favorite spirit animal shirt. It's versatile because it works for all tailgating festivities. 

Love love love anything buffalo plaid, well except these buff plaid flannel sheets I saw at walmart the other day, they looked like sheets from walmart and I really wanted to like them. I was v intrigued by this buffalo plaid lumber sexual cake I saw the other day (see below)

I am a nut about sun exposure for early in the season games. In October if it is above 60 and not a night game I will make sure my shoulders can get prime sun, socks and boots help if it is on the chilly side or converse.

The Ohio looks cute on this tee and it's really soft. 
This is my favorite homage shirt ever. I love how it makes me feel kinda chill and laid back and "sportier" than anything I normally wear when I wear it with converse and jeans or these maroon high top nikes but it still looks really cute. 

Vintage OHIO STATE BUCKEYES sweatshirt - Medium - Jerzees 90s
I had this X-L Notre Dame mens sweatshirt that I ordered from one of those magazines that came in the mail when I was in 5th or 6th grade and was obsessed with it for yearssss. My parents hated it because it was so big and it acquired some holes and bleach stains over time. It was perfect to wear with leggings or to sleep in or pretty much whenever. The above might be a good replacement.

I am a huge sucker for a shaped pocket tee and elbow patches.
this hoodie is soft af. it's softer than that metallic gold homage script ohio hoodie that is perpetually sold out in my size. This reminds me of one of those hoodies you stole from guys at recess in like 5th grade but better (did you guys do that?)

You can place a custom order for these and cool lace up t- shirt dresses and halters on ig. This is perfect for me because I absolutely cannot make anything vintage look cool on my own. 
I love saying "tryna" or "wanna" so I like this. The sides are kinda low on this tank so it's perfect for wearing with all the super cute bralettes that are around these days (see here and here and here).
It's surprisingly hard to find a flannel that is perfectly oversized, soft, doesn't have any loose threads, and that looks good open with a tank under or buttoned up. This one is also a perfect color. OhHhHhHh and speaking of Madewell (I always do this lol when something is barely relevant) but I am finally heading to Madewell this weekend to get one of those cape scarves I've been eyeing for a year. 


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