Saturday, December 10, 2016

2016 Gift Guide

'Tis the season for gift guides! This one is hopefully better late than never. 
These letter boards are all over ig right now. I love looking at letter folk's tagged pics and seeing all the fun quotes/ phrases. I have the same size as the above one and it's perf! It would be a nice gesture if you cut out the little letters before gifting it to save the person you are giving it too some time/ annoyance. These will be re-stocked at 7 am. 12/13 according to Letterfolk's website and they will be able to be delivered by Christmas but in case they are sold out again Three Potato Four has a good substitute Three Potato Four Letter Board.

If you have someone on your list who isn't trapped in the cycle of getting gel mani's and does their own nails then this little macaron kit is perf. Macarons make everything more fun.

Great gift for emoji lovers and people who understand that hats > dry shampoo when you are hungover or haven't showered in weeks.

This mushroom log might be the motivation I need to cook for myself! It can grow indoors or outdoors and you just need to soak the log in water to start it out. This is like a "grown up" version of the ant farm. If you want it by Christmas order by 12/15.

Free People is killing the tactile game per usual. The above color looks a little darker in real life and is by far my favorite clothing item I have purchased this year. I'm obsessed with wearing it with mom jeans, oh wait my re-dones are probably actually my favorite from this year but this bodysuit is 2nd. If you want to try the velvet trend but are afraid of it looking too cheapy/ obnoxious then this is a perfect test the waters thing. It also comes in a green or maroon that look a million times better in real life than online making it very hard to pick a color.
This will not ship in time for Christmas but are a good treat gift for someone who you won't see until after Christmas who loves prosecco and candy. These would be a great thing to keep on your desk at work unless you didn't want to share, which I totally would understand. 

I feel like portable chargers are one of those things that sound good but aren't that practical because you either forget the whole thing or forget to charge it. This little guy really piqued my interest because it is super cute with the tassel and you can clip it to something you always carry like your purse or your keys.

Prints can be very personal things so I would only get one for someone you are v. close to but they make splendid gifts for those people! Mari Andrew can do no wrong. 

Living things make great gifts and or additions to rooms. These include a care kit and are supposedly one of the easiest plants to take care of even though I have managed to kill all of mine. 
Perfect flannels are like a nice comforting hug. Madewell always has a great selection of plaids and I like the fit/ hardiness of them more than most women's flannels. 

I don't know if I am alone in this but I LOVE receiving winter accessories as gifts. I also love any pom pom hat that has a different color pom pom than the hat. 
I LOVE these earrings. They are perfect for someone who has their ears pierced and who likes minimalist jewelry. 

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