Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Swimsuit Search

The first moment that it hits 60+ I get so excited for summer and picturing myself and my friends in the summer usually leads to me realizing I need a new swimsuit. Here are my faves in no particular order.......

Tulim Top + Matching Bottom 
Would look uber chic (isn't weird how Uber probably over took over #1 place of what you think of when you hear that word) with a wide brim hat. Can't get enough of the off the shoulder even though it doesn't look nearly as good on me. 

Marysia Antibes Bikini Top + Matching Bottom
Funnn tan lines. Scallops are always a sweet detail (sweet like aww baby sheep not like slang that I over use). Old Navy has a very similar one in teal for only $40 for the whole suit.

Valencia Bikini Top + Matching Bottom 
I do not think For Love & Lemons is overpriced because the details are really unmatched/ overall appeal is unmatched (at least by anything I've seen). This suit would look cute under overalls.
Halter Crop Bikini Top + Matching Bottom
Huge fan of the high neck crop tops. I got this suit the other day and really like it, the top runs a tad small. New favorite bathing suit that I own.

Dolly Top and Matching Bottom
This is cute because of the colors, and the neoprene, and the potential tan lines.

Sol Searcher High Neck Low Back Swimsuit
Hi high neck again. One pieces look weird on me because my stomach looks prego but they're cute on other people. I'd pair this with high waisted jean shorts and no shoes.
Surf Bralette and Matching Bottom
If I get another bathing suit this year, this will be it. Love the back how there are no crazy straps and love the neon lotus color. This would look cute with a rash guard too (such as this) if you needed to save yourself from getting even more fried or if you needed to cover up any tats at any time.
Celia Top and Matching Bottom
Rey Swimwear is dope cause it's modest and goes the retro glamour route which is probably the best for modest swimwear to go. This suit just screams cute, love the color combo. #modestishottest
Snaps for this olive color, I got a bodysuit from American Apparel in this color the other day and have been wearing it to death. The fit, seams, etc. are perfect on this. 

Stripe Cropped Bikini Top and Matching Bottom
Eeek this F21 suit is just too cute. I love the off shoulder trend like a lot. 


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