Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend in the words of Buster from AD was "off the hook"  I am also aware that it is already Wednesday and that it is late to be doing a weekend recap. Here's what happened....

Main event- My roomies from college were reunited in Cbus for the first time since grad! Everything felt so right, like we never left. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday (ok fine besides Christmas and Easter which I feel obligated to make first bc of religious significance) so I was especially excited that we could spend it together.
Got caught up on selfies.

Food- One of my favorite things about people visiting is an emphasis on food. This is different from my ordinary life because I normally eat standing up while doing something else (usually dishes). This weekend we gobbled up Destination Donuts, The Little Donut Shop doughnuts, Dirty Franks, Martini, Jeni's, Hungry Howie's, and Hangover Easy.

North Market was really crowded because we went on a Saturday morning so I just stuck with the essentials, aka Stauf's pour over coffee, a pickle, and a salted butterscotch doughnut. I contemplated getting HCT but I was enjoying my coffee so I wouldn't be able to take full advantage of drinking the free and unlimited sweet tea so I decided to pass. C & G both got pierogies and we spent a long time just relaxing and chatting at the upstairs tables while people were busying around us.

For dinner we grabbed Dirty Frank's to eat while we were getting ready. I got the True Love Always (cream cheese & green olives) which is one of my faves and Sarva's Tot-cho Dog which has tots, cheese sauce, onions, and jalapenos. Hindsight: Do not get the Tot-cho dog again in the winter because it will make your lips more chapped.

For brunch on Sunday after spending some quality time at Bullwinkle's we all reconvened at Hangover Easy. Hangover Easy is our classic brunch place. It is in a convenient location, cheap, has good Bloody Mary's, it is acceptable to look like a bus hit you, you can walk around campus if there is a long wait, and everyone in our group thoroughly enjoys the food. Note to self I've tried everything and the HOE Benny (think a western eggs benedict) is amazing and def my favorite.

Broad City- Friday night we wanted to lay low to rest up for Nanu's arrival and Bullwinkles on Saturday but we ended up staying up until past 1 #notmad. I introduced C & G to Broad City and to my absolute delight they enjoyed it as much as I do and I didn't feel like a show Nazi. We watched Seasons 1 & 2 this weekend + some re-watching. I've been obsessed with this show and have thought about what would Abi and Ilana do on the reg, I'm aware that Season 3 started tonight but I don't have cable so I am pretending that it didn't. Here are some treats that helped tide me over when I am not watching the show an interview with Terry Gross, moments,  Yass Queen mug,  and a who said it quiz. 

Refillable To Go Sriracha
Tunes- I almost never watch music videos on my own because of my short attention span but I have been religiously watching Beyonce's Formation every night before bed ever since my friends showed it to me Saturday night. I LOVE the clothes, Blue Ivy, the specificity, and the references. On a lesser note I have also been listening to the new Catfish and the Bottlemen Song "Soundcheck".

OOTD- I wore this striped with heart elbow patch long sleeve tee from Francesca's pretty much all weekend. It was comfy paired with Landsend corduroy leggings. 

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