Wednesday, June 1, 2016

101 in 1001

Start: 6/2/2016
End: 2/28/2019

1. Get Ezra a friend.
2. Go camping in a tent.
3. Do not complain about anything for one day.
4. Go to COSI. went to cosi after dark 
5. Run a half marathon.
6. Go to at least one sporting event for each sport Paul and Francis do.
7. Do not use my phone, computer, or watch TV for one day.
8. Run for an hour alone without listening to music.
9. Go to IKEA.
10. Leave a yelp review for every restaurant I go to.
11. Spend the night at Oliver's. 7/2/2016
12. Spend the night at my parents not for a holiday. 3/10/2017
13. No fast food for a month.
14. No alcohol for a month.
15. Go to bed by 9pm every day for a week,
16. Go to a music festival. Lollapalooza 2016 July
17. Catch a fish. 7/5/2016
18. Make a birthday cake.
19. Participate in NANOWRIMO .
20. Get my email inbox to be under 1000 on my phone.
21. Get contacts.
22. Read 26 books.
23. Visit Bip in Cali.
24. No buying anything that isn't consumed or gas for a month.
25. Donate blood.
26. Watch all of the LOTR movies.
27. Watch all of the Star Wars movies.
28. Have a picnic in Goodale Park.
29. See Bei Bei IRL. 10/2016
30. Watch all of the episodes in a TV series.
31. Go to a state that I haven't been to before. moved to MO lol 3/11/17
32. Go to Europe alone.
33. Learn 10 French phrases.
34. Memorize a poem.
35. Go to a writing class.
36. Go to a NBA game.
37. Participate in No Color November.
38. Hindsight all 101 things upon completion (except this one)
39. Go to the Japanese Steakhouse before it closes. 6/13/2016
40. Do not speak for 24 hours.
41. Go to Carey and see the shrine.
42. Grow my hair out to the longest it has ever been.
43. Make a card for Dorothy.
44. Visit my grandma in CLE by myself.
45. Be in two places at once.
46. Do a juice cleanse.
47. Grow something and eat it.
48. Go to daily Mass for a week.
49. Sub for 24 adoration every day for a week.
50. Take a bath.
51. Develop a hair and makeup routine.
52. Watch someone's favorite movie with them.
53. Watch all 3 Anne of Green Gable's movies back to back.
54. Interview my parents.
55. Go on a roller coaster and keep my eyes open.
56, Make a rain shadow.
57. Say yes to everything for a day.
58. Do 36 Questions with someone.
59. Go to a Broadway show.
60. Paint the canvas that is in my closet.
61. Go to the Cambridge Tea House
62. No social media for one week,
63. Read "Summer" by Edith Wharton.
64. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
65. Write a letter to 5 people I am thankful for.
66. Meet an online friend IRL.
67. Offer up a Mass for 5 people I know that have died.
68. Host a dinner party.
69. Go to the Kentucky Derby.
70. Go to a National Park that I haven't been to before.
71. Talk to a stranger for more than 5 minutes not at a bar.
72. Make dinner for my family.
73. Do a pull up.
74, Rock climb to the top of the Scioto Audubon climbing wall (any way).
75. See the Psycho House on top of the Met.
76. Go cabrewing.
77. Ski a black diamond.
78. Go on a road trip without a pre determined destination.
79. Go bird watching.
80. Babysit a baby.
81. Ride a camel.
82. Milk a cow.
83. Go to the Wilds.
84. Teach someone how to read.
85. Knit a gigantic blanket.
86. Go to a book signing.
87. Write Joan Didion a letter.
88. Go to all of the taco trucks in Columbus.
89. Go to Stitch and B****
90. Host a tea party.
91. Participate in National Comic Book day.
92. Appear in a movie.
93. Play hide and go seek in Thompson for old times sake.
94. Speak in front of more than 20 people.
95. See the colorful rock art thing in Vegas.
96. Email 3 of my favorite bloggers.
97. Try In-N-Out
98. Read all of Shakespeare's plays.
99. Go on a retreat.
100. Reconnect with an old friend.
101. Fall in love.

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