Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ohio Gameday Musts

Hiiiiii. Quick life update- last weekend I went to DC for a blogger get together with blogger, Haney Bee jk I was there to see Bei Bei and Han and Hannah. Living the Han life was a real treat. Last month we moved into a tiny house (not a real tiny house unfortunately) and I LOVEE it! It's in the total perfect location and I am actually enjoying things like steaming my sweater before work and making sure Ezra has play time almost every day.

 Lastly, after becoming obsessed with Stranger Things I started watching Parenthood (from season 1) on Netflix because it was recommended or something and I thought I recalled hearing a thing on it on Fresh Air but after watching I think that was about a different show, but I LOVE it I am totally into all of the characters lives and have been watching every night. It's kind of odd for me because I haven't wanted to watch a show in it's entirety since I did it with Gossip Girl 3 summers ago and it isn't really a binge watch type show. 

The girl that makes these seems  adorable from reading her blog. I really like the  fit of the tees, they do fit snug but it isn't weird snug or unflattering/ clingy snug it was perfect snug on me when I got one size up from my normal t-shirt size. 

This is my favorite spirit animal shirt. It's versatile because it works for all tailgating festivities. 

Love love love anything buffalo plaid, well except these buff plaid flannel sheets I saw at walmart the other day, they looked like sheets from walmart and I really wanted to like them. I was v intrigued by this buffalo plaid lumber sexual cake I saw the other day (see below)

I am a nut about sun exposure for early in the season games. In October if it is above 60 and not a night game I will make sure my shoulders can get prime sun, socks and boots help if it is on the chilly side or converse.

The Ohio looks cute on this tee and it's really soft. 
This is my favorite homage shirt ever. I love how it makes me feel kinda chill and laid back and "sportier" than anything I normally wear when I wear it with converse and jeans or these maroon high top nikes but it still looks really cute. 

Vintage OHIO STATE BUCKEYES sweatshirt - Medium - Jerzees 90s
I had this X-L Notre Dame mens sweatshirt that I ordered from one of those magazines that came in the mail when I was in 5th or 6th grade and was obsessed with it for yearssss. My parents hated it because it was so big and it acquired some holes and bleach stains over time. It was perfect to wear with leggings or to sleep in or pretty much whenever. The above might be a good replacement.

I am a huge sucker for a shaped pocket tee and elbow patches.
this hoodie is soft af. it's softer than that metallic gold homage script ohio hoodie that is perpetually sold out in my size. This reminds me of one of those hoodies you stole from guys at recess in like 5th grade but better (did you guys do that?)

You can place a custom order for these and cool lace up t- shirt dresses and halters on ig. This is perfect for me because I absolutely cannot make anything vintage look cool on my own. 
I love saying "tryna" or "wanna" so I like this. The sides are kinda low on this tank so it's perfect for wearing with all the super cute bralettes that are around these days (see here and here and here).
It's surprisingly hard to find a flannel that is perfectly oversized, soft, doesn't have any loose threads, and that looks good open with a tank under or buttoned up. This one is also a perfect color. OhHhHhHh and speaking of Madewell (I always do this lol when something is barely relevant) but I am finally heading to Madewell this weekend to get one of those cape scarves I've been eyeing for a year. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

I had a 3 day weekend because my birthday was yesterday and I had the day off from work. Yesterday was the only day I can remember where it wasn't a holiday and I was in Columbus and I didn't have an eye dr. appointment that I didn't have to work and it was AWESOME. I would be so for the 4 ten hour day work week thing, at least every other week or something. Here are my favorite things from this weekend:

1. Riding in the car. I am obsessed with riding in the car when all I have to do is be along for the ride (aka not be a copilot and definitely not drive). I got to ride to Cleveland with my roomie & 2 brothers while my dad drove.

2. Quality time with bffs. In high school and grade school you normally spend lots of time with friends families but not so much in college and after because of the whole distance thing. This weekend I got to go to Cleveland for a family wedding for one of my bff's. I so loved every second, it was the best kind of fun.
Displaying IMG_4978.JPG

3. Introducing my mom to Fox in the Snow. My mom got to experience the cinnamon rolls, lattes, and egg sandwiches that are some of my favorite things. She said she is going to start hanging out there during the week lol.

4. Bei Bei turned one. My favorite panda also happens to be my birthday twin. He had a Popsicle cake that his mom enjoyed more than he did.
Bei Bei's Mom eating cake
5. Got my nails painted this seafoam/ mintish green color. They're gel so the color is just a boring number not a fun name. 

6. My Kalijumei lipstick came in the mail. TBH I still haven't tried this because I am afraid to ruin it.
Displaying IMG_4994.JPG
Bonding with Bei Bei over makeup & treats
7. New ring. I got this Marnie Ring from Kendra Scott because everything was half off if your birthday was in August. I like wearing rings because it's fun to look down at my fingers while typing at work. I wanted a replacement for this band ring from Madewell because it got really discolored from me wearing it all the time.
8. 10 hour loop of Closer by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey. There is a 10 hour loop version of this song on youtube and I was listening to it all day Friday. Still can't get enough, 

Friday, August 12, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

1. Reformation Sale

LOVE Reformation and how sustainable they are. Their sale started a few days ago my favorite things from it are

2. Gigantic knit blankets. These things are the king of cozy, I've been literally dreaming about them.

3. This song. Lolla reaffirmed all my feels about MØ. I could listen to this all day. 

4. Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings. These have been on my radar for a while but I held off getting them because I wear the same pair of earrings 24/7 until they fall out (staples from COS) but after seeing these again and again on other people I can't stop thinking about them and how perfect they'll be as a pop of color for No Color November. 

5. The guy that made this Arthur memes for every occasion list on The List App. Arthur memes always make me lol but this list is everything.
6. The Olympics. My favorite Olympics things to watch are women's gymnastics, field hockey, table tennis,  and now rugby. I read this article about all of the fittings, wear tests (okay I hope), and $ that goes into making the gymnast's leos. Sounds like a super high pressure task.

7. Google Trends. I don't know if I am living under a rock for just realizing this page exists but Google Trends are SOOO cool. You can search any term and look at the interest in that term in different regions as well as increased/ decreased interest in the term over time. It's also fun to try and guess what the trending stories are. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to School Agendas

The time has come to get a new 17 month agenda. The amount of pressure to get a cute planner is pretty equally matched with the amount of adorable options available. I am not as picky as some people with my agenda organization habits as long as there is no spiral, month pages, and week pages that have each day with enough space to write to- do lists then I am good to go. An agenda is a pretty large commitment since you use it every day almost all day for a whole year. I'm toying with the idea of getting one for work and one for everything else. I loveee the look of supplies and the feel of writing things down, especially with the pencils I picked up on my last NYC trip from CW Pencil Enterprise.  

Here are the agendas I am eyeing up this year in no particular order.... does a perfect job of being fun incarnate, I am obsessed with all of the quirky details in their products. I like the elastic band on this one because of the pop of metallic and because I always throw everything into a tote bag and if notebooks have spirals they get messed up. One of the best parts of this planner are the stickers that it comes with (could only be better if they were temp tats). 
Sugar Paper for Target has to consistently be my favorite line for Target. The colors, lines, fonts, and textures are just perfect. This is a good option if you want something that isn't too bulky or large. You cannot see from this image but the pages have gold on the sides too. Last year I got this one, since I didn't have to worry about teaching or PSR the super small size forced me to be concise and more purposeful in everything that I wrote. It's checkbook size and if you are going to use two different planners it looks really cute next to the grey stripe one.

Love the scattered supplies, especially the glasses and pencils. This one has little check boxes for you to check off things as you do them next to the lines on each of the day pages. 

I love May Designs because you can customize them by adding your favorite quote or monogram and pick the pattern. They updated their agenda design so they now include monthly and weekly pages. There's also pages that have spaces for fitness goals, travel spots you want to go to etc. These have a soft cover so they are really easy to carry.

Slender with a metallic leather cover this is easy to carry and will be easy to find in your purse. 

Tusk in Sun is my favorite Lilly agenda print. Comes with fun stickers. Lilly is doing free shipping on all orders right now so it's a perfect time to order. Agenda shopping is making me really sad I am not getting ready for school.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lollapalooza Picks

I've been looking forward to Lollapalooza since March but like everything this summer it totally snuck up on me! This will be my first music festival so I am just relying on common sense and Buzzfeed articles for what to be prepared for. 
Wildfox  Couture Flower Crochet Tank
This would be cute over a cropped bathing suit top  or a Free People Bralette. I prefer sweating in bathing suits (there's also a chance of rain) so I will probs be wearing a bathing suit top the whole time. That Free Peeps bralette is great to have though, I got the graphite color and have worn it more times than I can count.

Yes, you could probably make these but who has the time/ remembers where their glue gun is? I rarely wear sunglasses because I am too lazy/ act like it is impossible to buy new contacts so I save them for super special occassions. Lolla def qualifies as "contact worthy special occasion" so I will be wearing sunnies bc they look better on IG duh and I would rather have sunglasses get elbowed off than real glasses. 

I am a freak about getting maximum sun exposure so I probs wouldn't wear this until after 4pm. It's perfect for an after party or if the forecast has 0 sun or if you are peeling and want to look cute and festivalish and do not want people asking what happened to your shoulders.  

YASS. I love all Broad City references and a good graphic tank. 

I LOVEE these shoes. They give you a nice height boost and I test wore them to a concert thing on the grass and they are still white and I didn't break my ankle so fingers crossed. 
Huge Venessa Arizaga fan. They are also super nice and sent me a replacement bead immediately because one of the smiley face beads fell off. I got this one and it hasn't left my wrist. 

I like fringe on other people but I would probably only wear it at a music festival. This top top looks cute with high waisted jean shorts, lets your shoulders get sun, and has fringe and tie dye (all my Lolla musts). 

Perri Crop Top
This is great because you could definitely wear this out at home and not look out of place at all.

Metallic Birkenstocks
I'm regretting not getting these this year. Birkenstocks are perf for dancing/ standing all day.

I got this fanny  because I was getting something else from ASOS already but how cute are the fruit ones?? 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

101 in 1001

Start: 6/2/2016
End: 2/28/2019

1. Get Ezra a friend.
2. Go camping in a tent.
3. Do not complain about anything for one day.
4. Go to COSI.
5. Run a half marathon.
6. Go to at least one sporting event for each sport Paul and Francis do.
7. Do not use my phone, computer, or watch TV for one day.
8. Run for an hour alone without listening to music.
9. Go to IKEA.
10. Leave a yelp review for every restaurant I go to.
11. Spend the night at Oliver's. 7/2/2016
12. Spend the night at my parents not for a holiday.
13. No fast food for a month.
14. No alcohol for a month.
15. Go to bed by 9pm every day for a week,
16. Go to a music festival. Lollapalooza 2016 July
17. Catch a fish. 7/5/2016
18. Make a birthday cake.
19. Participate in NANOWRIMO .
20. Get my email inbox to be under 1000 on my phone.
21. Get contacts.
22. Read 26 books.
23. Visit Bip in Cali.
24. No buying anything that isn't consumed or gas for a month.
25. Donate blood.
26. Watch all of the LOTR movies.
27. Watch all of the Star Wars movies.
28. Have a picnic in Goodale Park.
29. See Bei Bei IRL.
30. Watch all of the episodes in a TV series.
31. Go to a state that I haven't been to before.
32. Go to Europe alone.
33. Learn 10 French phrases.
34. Memorize a poem.
35. Go to a writing class.
36. Go to a NBA game.
37. Participate in No Color November.
38. Hindsight all 101 things upon completion (except this one)
39. Go to the Japanese Steakhouse before it closes. 6/13/2016
40. Do not speak for 24 hours.
41. Go to Carey and see the shrine.
42. Grow my hair out to the longest it has ever been.
43. Make a card for Dorothy.
44. Visit my grandma in CLE by myself.
45. Be in two places at once.
46. Do a juice cleanse.
47. Grow something and eat it.
48. Go to daily Mass for a week.
49. Sub for 24 adoration every day for a week.
50. Take a bath.
51. Develop a hair and makeup routine.
52. Watch someone's favorite movie with them.
53. Watch all 3 Anne of Green Gable's movies back to back.
54. Interview my parents.
55. Go on a roller coaster and keep my eyes open.
56, Make a rain shadow.
57. Say yes to everything for a day.
58. Do 36 Questions with someone.
59. Go to a Broadway show.
60. Paint the canvas that is in my closet.
61. Go to the Cambridge Tea House
62. No social media for one week,
63. Read "Summer" by Edith Wharton.
64. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
65. Write a letter to 5 people I am thankful for.
66. Meet an online friend IRL.
67. Offer up a Mass for 5 people I know that have died.
68. Host a dinner party.
69. Go to the Kentucky Derby.
70. Go to a National Park that I haven't been to before.
71. Talk to a stranger for more than 5 minutes not at a bar.
72. Make dinner for my family.
73. Do a pull up.
74, Rock climb to the top of the Scioto Audubon climbing wall (any way).
75. See the Psycho House on top of the Met.
76. Go cabrewing.
77. Ski a black diamond.
78. Go on a road trip without a pre determined destination.
79. Go bird watching.
80. Babysit a baby.
81. Ride a camel.
82. Milk a cow.
83. Go to the Wilds.
84. Teach someone how to read.
85. Knit a gigantic blanket.
86. Go to a book signing.
87. Write Joan Didion a letter.
88. Go to all of the taco trucks in Columbus.
89. Go to Stitch and B****
90. Host a tea party.
91. Participate in National Comic Book day.
92. Appear in a movie.
93. Play hide and go seek in Thompson for old times sake.
94. Speak in front of more than 20 people.
95. See the colorful rock art thing in Vegas.
96. Email 3 of my favorite bloggers.
97. Try In-N-Out
98. Read all of Shakespeare's plays.
99. Go on a retreat.
100. Reconnect with an old friend.
101. Fall in love.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Swimsuit Search

The first moment that it hits 60+ I get so excited for summer and picturing myself and my friends in the summer usually leads to me realizing I need a new swimsuit. Here are my faves in no particular order.......

Tulim Top + Matching Bottom 
Would look uber chic (isn't weird how Uber probably over took over #1 place of what you think of when you hear that word) with a wide brim hat. Can't get enough of the off the shoulder even though it doesn't look nearly as good on me. 

Marysia Antibes Bikini Top + Matching Bottom
Funnn tan lines. Scallops are always a sweet detail (sweet like aww baby sheep not like slang that I over use). Old Navy has a very similar one in teal for only $40 for the whole suit.

Valencia Bikini Top + Matching Bottom 
I do not think For Love & Lemons is overpriced because the details are really unmatched/ overall appeal is unmatched (at least by anything I've seen). This suit would look cute under overalls.
Halter Crop Bikini Top + Matching Bottom
Huge fan of the high neck crop tops. I got this suit the other day and really like it, the top runs a tad small. New favorite bathing suit that I own.

Dolly Top and Matching Bottom
This is cute because of the colors, and the neoprene, and the potential tan lines.

Sol Searcher High Neck Low Back Swimsuit
Hi high neck again. One pieces look weird on me because my stomach looks prego but they're cute on other people. I'd pair this with high waisted jean shorts and no shoes.
Surf Bralette and Matching Bottom
If I get another bathing suit this year, this will be it. Love the back how there are no crazy straps and love the neon lotus color. This would look cute with a rash guard too (such as this) if you needed to save yourself from getting even more fried or if you needed to cover up any tats at any time.
Celia Top and Matching Bottom
Rey Swimwear is dope cause it's modest and goes the retro glamour route which is probably the best for modest swimwear to go. This suit just screams cute, love the color combo. #modestishottest
Snaps for this olive color, I got a bodysuit from American Apparel in this color the other day and have been wearing it to death. The fit, seams, etc. are perfect on this. 

Stripe Cropped Bikini Top and Matching Bottom
Eeek this F21 suit is just too cute. I love the off shoulder trend like a lot.