Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gift Guide- BFF Edition

here are my gift picks for someone who hates all the same things you do, is your mostly companion, and you know their shoe size

fuzzy faux fur slippers / these look kind of like little dogs. love the blush pink color and you could totally wear these out of the house. 

reindeer tree dome / this little woodsy guy would make a festive desk friend and would also look great on a mantle. this needs batteries so if you gift this don't forget those

open dolman cardigan / this cardi is from tigertree and tigertree is one of the things I miss the most about cbus (esp. living right across the street from it). cardigans make good clothing gifts because they're easy to size and look good oversized. this one goes with everything and it pulls off being super cozy & nubby

cozy reversible coat / I bought this last year for a cruella de vil (had no idea it was spelled like that) costume and am still obsessed. I got it in black & white which they don't have this year but the other colors are great too. it's SOOOO soft it makes you like excited to get out of bed and put it on. it's by far the softest thing I own I want to get it in an additional color

essential set / birchbox type gift sets are so fun! this one is perfectly curated IMO and comes in a cute mini suitcase container. this is perf for all frequent travelers. away has different themes of the little kits and tons of colors for each one. 

velvet mockneck tee / still not over velvet, probably never will be. there is a fine line though likes some looks super cheap and it just totally doesn't work but madewell usually does it right. I have a similar style comfort colors tee from Madewell and I lovee the fit of it. also I love the wintery / iciness of this blue color
fresh sugar lip collection / these are mini versions of the original and are super cute and fit easily into wristlets or mini bags. they have SPF and I like just wearing them solo 

heattech ultra warm leggings / these are supposedly 2.2x warmer than regular heattech, these are perfect for wearing to sleep, under jeans or dresses if it's freezing, or with sweaters. also currently on sale for only $19.90. I'm thinking they'd make a perfect all black outfit paired with this

new afternoon mini dress / I usually only like gifting & getting things that you can wear now but this dress was too cute not to include. it reminds me of a little tennis dress.

match set / comes with a set of 5 match boxes. Books featured are Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, The Great Gatsby,  Lord of the Flies, and The Outsiders. One of my favorite rituals is working at home with a fun drink like wine or beer or champagne or tea or coffee with one of the candles I made at The Candle Lab while listening to fleet foxes or flume. having pretty matches makes this ritual even more fun.

snow ball cactus key chain / you guys this is a REAL mini cactus! the prickly pear version of this is already sold out but it was also really cute. This would make a great addition to a bag if you don't want to actually use it as a key chain. also great convo starter at bars or fests.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Favorite Flannels

hi! This weekend Kelly & I did our 1st official fall activity. We went to Cider Hill Apple Orchard, it was super cute & good temps. It's still funny/ weird to me to think of going to an apple orchard besides Lynd's because in Cbus it was always just Lynd's.  

I rounded up some of my current fave flannels and you can find them below. Some things I look for in a perfect flannel are no loose stitches, flattering drape, not fitted, no weird pockets, oversized enough to layer, and durable enough to resist abrasion so it doesn't pill. 

hope everyone is having a lovely week! is it just me or does it feel like it should be Thursday to anyone else? 


Thursday, September 28, 2017

What's Making Me Happy This Week

1. Exit Through the Gift Shop. All I knew before watching this was that it is a "weird doc" and now I wanna plan my life around seeing street art. This is on Netflix and I highly recommend it. I was feeling kind of "meh" and this little doc totally made me so happy such interesting people existed. I LOL'd multiple times.

2. JW Anderson for Uniqlo. JW Anderson did a collab with Uniqlo that launched online last Thursday. It was in my planner for a while so I was looking forward to it because I saw the look book and was super excited about this

I am regretting not getting that puffer coat because now it is sold out but I did scoop up this trench 

A trench coat has been on my "to buy" list for a long time and I really wanted something from this collection lol so I just got it. There is a LOT of material so I probably woulda been better off getting an XS. It's extremely well made. It's super heavy and the stitches are really good. Oh, another fun thing is that it is reversible! The reverse side is the same plaid that is the sleeves. If you cinch the waist it looks very I can't think of what I'm trying to say right now but like "I look put together because I am wearing this thick thing but I am actually totally not". 

3. Beatification of Stanley Rother. On Friday I went to OKC with my roomie and some other peeps because a Oklahoma priest & martyr was being beatified. Being beatified is one of the steps to becoming a Saint, the next one is being canonized. This is super rare to happen in the United States so it felt really cool & historical to be there for it. If you wanna read more about the guy the OKC diocese has some info

4. Saks GWPs. I drove to Cbus the other weekend (yes just for the weekend lol) and left my little travel case thing which had all my makeup / contacts in it and now it is MIA so I've been with only fresh sugar lip things ever since. I don't really wear makeup bc I have no clue what I am doing and usually get out of bed 10 minutes before I need to be out of the house but it is nice to be able to have the option to not look like S*&*. Anyways, so I ordered all new stuff and Saks is having a pretty good GWP rn if you spend $150 or more, you can see it here. You can use up to 5 codes at a time and if you qualify for that there are lots of other GWPs you can get too here. I just love samples!

5. Pumpkin K-Cups® at Trader Joes. It's finally starting to not be hot af. These pumpkin K-Cups are just the right amount of spice flavor for black coffee. They totally smell like fall too.

6. Tbell & Forever 21 Collab. Taco Bell is going to have a line at Forever 21 (praise hands & dancing girl emoji). This will launch October 11th. I actually think this is a really good idea lol

7. Ex Liberis. Ex Liberis is Fredrick Wiseman's latest doc. It's about the NYPL. This sounds SO good and I will be SO bummed if I am not able to see it! You can see where it is playing here.

Okay, that's all I've been into lately.

xoxox, Bye

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

valentine's day gifts

valentine's day has been my 2nd favorite day of the year for as long as I can remember. I love the heart motifs, color combos, love, cards, cupcakes, etc. here are my gift picks for this year....

the best things are tiny and yellow gold. do your homework on shipping for these guys or if you are local one six five jewelry will be at cbus flea this weekend I think. 

I love wearing things that are kinda supposed to be pajamas out of the house.
may designs has some super cute v day notebooks

big believer that lace up flats elevate any outfit. also love the festive red

this stuff rocks

I've always wanted one of the holly golightly eye masks but this one is almost as cute

gotta love a good surprise ball

there is a cold shoulder version of the top I got and loved last year. the elbow patches are adorably festive

the end of this pencil is heart shaped, too cute! working post grad has made me have a new appreciation for desk accessories/ supplies. 

venessa arizaga stuff is so fun and captivating. this is on sale rn I ordered it yesterday

Saturday, December 10, 2016

2016 Gift Guide

'Tis the season for gift guides! This one is hopefully better late than never. 
These letter boards are all over ig right now. I love looking at letter folk's tagged pics and seeing all the fun quotes/ phrases. I have the same size as the above one and it's perf! It would be a nice gesture if you cut out the little letters before gifting it to save the person you are giving it too some time/ annoyance. These will be re-stocked at 7 am. 12/13 according to Letterfolk's website and they will be able to be delivered by Christmas but in case they are sold out again Three Potato Four has a good substitute Three Potato Four Letter Board.

If you have someone on your list who isn't trapped in the cycle of getting gel mani's and does their own nails then this little macaron kit is perf. Macarons make everything more fun.

Great gift for emoji lovers and people who understand that hats > dry shampoo when you are hungover or haven't showered in weeks.

This mushroom log might be the motivation I need to cook for myself! It can grow indoors or outdoors and you just need to soak the log in water to start it out. This is like a "grown up" version of the ant farm. If you want it by Christmas order by 12/15.

Free People is killing the tactile game per usual. The above color looks a little darker in real life and is by far my favorite clothing item I have purchased this year. I'm obsessed with wearing it with mom jeans, oh wait my re-dones are probably actually my favorite from this year but this bodysuit is 2nd. If you want to try the velvet trend but are afraid of it looking too cheapy/ obnoxious then this is a perfect test the waters thing. It also comes in a green or maroon that look a million times better in real life than online making it very hard to pick a color.
This will not ship in time for Christmas but are a good treat gift for someone who you won't see until after Christmas who loves prosecco and candy. These would be a great thing to keep on your desk at work unless you didn't want to share, which I totally would understand. 

I feel like portable chargers are one of those things that sound good but aren't that practical because you either forget the whole thing or forget to charge it. This little guy really piqued my interest because it is super cute with the tassel and you can clip it to something you always carry like your purse or your keys.

Prints can be very personal things so I would only get one for someone you are v. close to but they make splendid gifts for those people! Mari Andrew can do no wrong. 

Living things make great gifts and or additions to rooms. These include a care kit and are supposedly one of the easiest plants to take care of even though I have managed to kill all of mine. 
Perfect flannels are like a nice comforting hug. Madewell always has a great selection of plaids and I like the fit/ hardiness of them more than most women's flannels. 

I don't know if I am alone in this but I LOVE receiving winter accessories as gifts. I also love any pom pom hat that has a different color pom pom than the hat. 
I LOVE these earrings. They are perfect for someone who has their ears pierced and who likes minimalist jewelry. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ohio Gameday Musts

Hiiiiii. Quick life update- last weekend I went to DC for a blogger get together with blogger, Haney Bee jk I was there to see Bei Bei and Han and Hannah. Living the Han life was a real treat. Last month we moved into a tiny house (not a real tiny house unfortunately) and I LOVEE it! It's in the total perfect location and I am actually enjoying things like steaming my sweater before work and making sure Ezra has play time almost every day.

 Lastly, after becoming obsessed with Stranger Things I started watching Parenthood (from season 1) on Netflix because it was recommended or something and I thought I recalled hearing a thing on it on Fresh Air but after watching I think that was about a different show, but I LOVE it I am totally into all of the characters lives and have been watching every night. It's kind of odd for me because I haven't wanted to watch a show in it's entirety since I did it with Gossip Girl 3 summers ago and it isn't really a binge watch type show. 

The girl that makes these seems  adorable from reading her blog. I really like the  fit of the tees, they do fit snug but it isn't weird snug or unflattering/ clingy snug it was perfect snug on me when I got one size up from my normal t-shirt size. 

This is my favorite spirit animal shirt. It's versatile because it works for all tailgating festivities. 

Love love love anything buffalo plaid, well except these buff plaid flannel sheets I saw at walmart the other day, they looked like sheets from walmart and I really wanted to like them. I was v intrigued by this buffalo plaid lumber sexual cake I saw the other day (see below)

I am a nut about sun exposure for early in the season games. In October if it is above 60 and not a night game I will make sure my shoulders can get prime sun, socks and boots help if it is on the chilly side or converse.

The Ohio looks cute on this tee and it's really soft. 
This is my favorite homage shirt ever. I love how it makes me feel kinda chill and laid back and "sportier" than anything I normally wear when I wear it with converse and jeans or these maroon high top nikes but it still looks really cute. 

Vintage OHIO STATE BUCKEYES sweatshirt - Medium - Jerzees 90s
I had this X-L Notre Dame mens sweatshirt that I ordered from one of those magazines that came in the mail when I was in 5th or 6th grade and was obsessed with it for yearssss. My parents hated it because it was so big and it acquired some holes and bleach stains over time. It was perfect to wear with leggings or to sleep in or pretty much whenever. The above might be a good replacement.

I am a huge sucker for a shaped pocket tee and elbow patches.
this hoodie is soft af. it's softer than that metallic gold homage script ohio hoodie that is perpetually sold out in my size. This reminds me of one of those hoodies you stole from guys at recess in like 5th grade but better (did you guys do that?)

You can place a custom order for these and cool lace up t- shirt dresses and halters on ig. This is perfect for me because I absolutely cannot make anything vintage look cool on my own. 
I love saying "tryna" or "wanna" so I like this. The sides are kinda low on this tank so it's perfect for wearing with all the super cute bralettes that are around these days (see here and here and here).
It's surprisingly hard to find a flannel that is perfectly oversized, soft, doesn't have any loose threads, and that looks good open with a tank under or buttoned up. This one is also a perfect color. OhHhHhHh and speaking of Madewell (I always do this lol when something is barely relevant) but I am finally heading to Madewell this weekend to get one of those cape scarves I've been eyeing for a year.